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About Tnccfc


Statement of Purpose

Our purpose is to love, forgive, and then love again. We are not really here to convert others. Our Gatherings are here to teach people to love humanity as God loves humanity. We have found that when we convert our own consciousness, we connect to our Source, and it is then that we can call others to live their potential. The goal to change others is a distraction from our true goal of changing our own mind. I envision identifying spiritual practitioners who will help with calling others
to live their potential, by reminding the people that the work of God has already been completed within them, and our job is to simply help people flesh their divine gift out. Every soul is gifted, and every gifted soul that is recognized (remembered),
extends love and stimulates divine ability. The ecclesia was never intended to be a building. The ecclesia is people, a
worldwide body of people who bring light to the world. My purpose is to do my part in bringing this light. Will you join me?


Our Tithe Confession

Thank you, Father, for showing us how to give. You are a giver and have withheld nothing from us. Today we echo and reflect you in our gift and in our giving.  We thank you for what we have and appreciate all things. We thank you that all of our needs and the needs of this ministry are met in Jesus' name, Amen.


Ministries and Groups

Ministry of Helps Department Profiles 


Audio/Media Department 

The goal of the Audio/Media department is to ensure quality sound, visual media, and duplication during Sunday Morning Worship Service, Wednesday Evening Prayer & Praise, and all mid-week Bible studies. Training is available and easy for all those interested in becoming a part of this exciting field. 




The Benevolence/Hospital department visits persons in hospitals and home shut-ins that are unable, for some reason, to come to church for prayer or other spiritual food.  The Benevolence department also helps families in times of bereavement, assisting the families by providing food, servers, clean up, etc.


Praise Team

The praise team leads worship through music during weekly church services, and lead the congregation in song at other gatherings. The team sometimes includes a full choir and a full band, or sometimes just a handful of singers and musicians. The worship team also organizes other artistic means of worshiping such as praise dance, drama, and visual art.




The Hospitality Committee assists with special events as hostesses, greeters, servers, or wherever needed.



Nursery Department 

Our Nursery workers are loving and caring individuals who have a heart for children 5 yrs. old and under. This delicate ministry is one of great importance. They encourage all those who are willing to come out and help minister to the needs of our baby saints.



Women's Fellowship

The goal of the Women's Fellowship is to minister to the "total woman" spirit, soul and body by reaching out to women of every race, color and religion sharing the good news of Jesus Christ around the world. The Women's Fellowship desires to help the women develop character, strength, and wisdom through the ministry of the Word of God.



Men’s Fellowship

The men’s Fellowship is established for men, young and old, to fellowship one with another, while being ministered to in the areas of responsibility and commitment to the church and to their families.

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